ModVellum Porcelain Peel

1 treatment $180
Series of 3 $400

The ModVellum Porcelain Peel can SIMPLIFY your journey to perfect skin. A peel with the proper prep, makes for Zero Downtime and is essential. The products used before and after, in many cases are the same.

The Poreclain Peel offers double action skin polishing with physical exfoliating ingredients.

The following benefits from the Porcelain Peel are:
Anti-aging, Wrinkle reducing and Smoothing;
Brightening, increases the skin’s luminosity;
Promotes skin regeneration, Hydrating and Emollient;
Protective, Antimicrobial and Nutrient and Antioxidant Rich.

Each of these treatments is targeted to your specific concerns, skin type, and needs.  Each client is also taught and encouraged to continue proper skin care techniques at home.