Now is the time

Isn’t “now” the time for you?

The children are back in school, and it’s time to be good to yourself. Are you thinking about your skin? Is it in the best condition? Does it seem too dry or too oily? Is it flaky? Is your skin in need of professional help? Is your skin ready for the new season? Let’s talk!

Where will you be spending the majority of your time, as we glide into fall and winter?

Once you answer that question, you must now start to consider your skin care regime for the coming season. This might require you making that phone call to your esthetician for an appointment to review and adjust your current regime. The ModVellum clinical skincare line that I carry and use, offers products that perform as well as offering a simple solution for most skin types.

Are you considering a new treatment?

ModVellum treatments, such as the Porcelain Peel and Nano fill take you one step further toward your most healthy skin.

The benefits of a Porcelain Peel are:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and various types of pigmentation
  • Infuse the skin with anti-aging actives
  • Increase the density and luminosity of the skin
  • Polish and remove surface buildup allowing for maximal absorption of the prior ingredients

The benefits of Nano-fill are:

  • Virtually painless (unlike traditional needling)
  • May be an alternative to cosmetic injectables
  • Does not produce bleeding
  • Does not puncture or wound the dermis

These are just two of the treatments available help you to have the skin you deserve. If this information makes you think, “this is the time for you”, call me!

Fonda Jo at Finishes