ModVellum Clinical Skincare



ModVellum Skincare is a brand that has been built on a foundation of integrity. ModVellum believes it has a responsibility to omit harmful or toxic ingredients in their skincare. ModVellum believes that animals should never be used for beauty testing and that you can use active ingredients on your skin that penetrate without damaging skin or the enviornment.

ModVellum believes that ingredient sources are just as important as the actual ingredients which is why, for example they use a non-endangered Sandalwood, believing in leaving the planet better than when they arrived so their ingredients are 100% biodegradable and use no plastic beads.

ModVellum’s values are to use ingredients that are extremely low hazard, therefore they are safe for pregnant women. They are mostly vegan, gluten-free and always vegetarian.

ModVellum is different because they feel it’s not necessary to use peels that are too strong and instead ModVellum has a gentler way, hence the category creators of Chiral-Luxury.