The Pure Approach to Glowing Skin™

Finishes by Fonda Jo is pleased to offer the Lélexo™ line of skincare products.

Lelexo ProVitalizeLélexo ProVitalize® uses Vitamin A Propionate to help skin repair itself in the following ways while causing far less irritation than other Vitamin A acid derived treatments. Vitamin A Propionate helps to:

• Encourage accelerated cell production and turnover
• Increase collagen production, giving volume to the skin
• Reduce collagen breakdown

The beneficial effects of Vitamin A Propionate are increased further when combined with Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 in Lélexo ProVitalize Level I, II and III. These are the first Vitamin A products to combine both Vitamin A Propionate and Peptide together in one formulation.

Lelexo Mandelic Acid LineFormulated to be used as an everyday wash, Lélexo Mandelic Acid Wash combines the antibacterial properties of Mandelic acid with powerful anti-oxidant extracts to combat free radical damage to the skin. Mandelic Acid Wash can be used as an excellent alternative to
Benzoyl Peroxide. Mandelic Acid Scrub also available.

Mandelic Acid 4% Toner is a clarifying tonic, which help dissolve dead skin cells and clear the skin of residual bacteria. It can also be used to cleanse and degrease at any time.  Mandelic Acid 10% Toner also available.

Mandelic Acid 16% Serum is an advanced formulation proven to be effective in helping combat visible signs of aging. It helps exfoliate dead cells and flush out impacted pores improving skin texture and promoting uniformity of skin coloration